• http://www.est1987.net/ Rae

    I am definitely bookmarking this post. I would LOVE to do the balloon drop. I’m sure my kids will love it.

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      I’m sure they will! I decided not to do the balloon drop, but we will be doing the coutndown. Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!

  • Renita

    Those milk shooters are too cute!

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      YES! Happy New Year Renita! Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mylah.stanton Mylah Saidah

    These are some awesome ideas Britton! I love them. Thanks for writing this post. :-)

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      Aren’t they though! I can’t wait to see how my girls act tomorrow with this! Happy New Year!

  • be-quoted.com

    Super cute ideas. Being that my mom is in town, I too am staying am bringing in the New Year with my little one and the fam. It’ll be a mix of adult fun and kiddie fun. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure we’ll bite a few of your ideas ;-)

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      Awwww! I hope you all have a great time! Happy New Year!

  • http://twitter.com/MzM40 Phenomenal Mama

    Love this & I’m totally stealing some of these ideas! Lol! We’re always at home with the kiddos & these are perfect activities to keep them busy. My son loves NYE and always manages to hang in there until well after the countdown! (Do you mind if I post the link to your page on Facebook?)

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      Sure! Go right ahead! Thanks!

  • MarieYoung

    I never go out because I just feel people get a wee bit too cray on New Years Eve and I don’t have time for that. It’s nice to hear someone actually spending time with their kids on this holiday. Most parents be #ON and out the door… I hope you all have fun!

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      LOL! Thanks! I love to do things on New Year, but instead of going out, my friends and I usually opt for a house party. I’m STILL cleaning up confetti from our party LAST YEAR! I’m sure my girls will enjoy it…but NO confetti! LOL! Happy New Year!

      • MarieYoung

        Same to you!!!

  • Roxy

    This is too cute and my four year old is gonna love some of these ideas. Wishing you a happy new year in advance..love your blog and will continue to support you in the new year..stay blessed!!

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      Thank you sooo much Roxy! I can’t wait to do this thing for them tomorrow! Happy New Year!

  • http://www.realinto.com/ CarliAlice

    We just stay at home but if you’re doing all those things I’m coming over. :-) We’ve never celebrated New Year’s. We’re boring that way. The balloon pop countdown and mini pizzas are my favorite ideas on your list.

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      Those are the ones we are definitely doing! Happy New Year! :-)

  • latesha conyers

    awesome awesome post! love the ideas. i had planned on going out but just found out at the last minute that my significant other has to work… Guess I’ll be kickin with the kiddos. I’ll definitely be implementing some of these ideas! Thanks

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      Have fun and Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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  • Simplicity Interrupted

    what great ideas!! i am definitely pinning this for next year! :)

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      Yes! I’m so glad I decided to look for ideas and I am so glad I found such great ones!

  • LA Lynn’s

    That tree idea is EVERYTHING!!!! I should have took part in that as my tree is STILL up!!!! Lol!

    • http://mbblife.com Britton

      LOL, LOL! Take that tree down! It does seem like a fun idea though! Happy New Year! ;-)

    • http://mbblife.com/ Britton

      LMAO! Take that tree down Lynn! Definitely do it though if you have it up this time next year! LOL!

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