Can We Discuss My 2012 Fat Girl Bucket List?


Hi Everyone!

So the New Year is here and I, like millions others out there in the world have come up with a promise to lose weight. I already have had somewhat of a good start in the past, but in 2013…I am kicking it into high gear. I can’t beat around the bush anymore. This weight has GOT. TO. GO. Yesterday, I officially began my 2013 health journey again. I’m kinda excited about it. And terrified. And nervous. And excited.

Buuuuuuuuuuut! During the dates of December 24th through January 1st…all bets were OFF! I went IN on some of my favorite foods and not one single ounce of care was given! I had foods that I HAD to get in before I began my journey again. I didn’t have a name for this assortment of foods until I saw this post from my fellow BLM girl over at What Rose Redd Said. She named it her “2012 Fat Girl Bucket List”…and yes…that NAME WAS PERFECT!

I’m getting cravings right now just thinking about mine again! LOL! Here goes….

Wendy’s Caramel Apple Frosty Parfait

When I tell y’all this thing is heaven in a cup…LAWD…just thinking about it makes me all giddy inside! :-D I discovered this piece of caramelly (yes, I know that’s not a word), sweet mix of fruit and granola sensation when one day I was in the mood for something sweet a couple of weeks ago. When I tell y’all that I have had one EVERY SINGLE DAY (one day TWICE) since then…it is NOT an exaggeration! LAWD…I just….*wall slide*

The obsession was so bad that on Christmas Eve, I went to not one, but TWO Wendy’s because the first one’s Vanilla Frosty wasn’t working properly! It was THAT. DAMN. SERIOUS. Now though…The caramel apple frosty parfait is gone. At 340 calories per serving…I just can’t do it.  I had my LAST one on December 29th. I pray those things are still available when I reach my goal in June (because I WILL reach my goal), because that will be one of my special treats!

Drizzle some Caramel sauce out in honor of my Frosty parfait. *sigh*

 Flea Market Donuts


Let me explain first. I call these “flea market donuts” because for a while, where I live, the only place you could get these donuts was from two places: our local flea market…and the state fair. Our fair only comes once a year (October) so sometimes I would make the trip to the flea market just for these mini circles sprinkled with cinnamon sugar straight out of the grease.

It got REALLY real when I discovered that a dough factory in the mall that I frequent opened in September. Every time I stepped foot in JC Penney from the parking lot at said mall, the heavenly aroma of sweet dough filled my nostrils and I left with a dozen EVERY TIME. I don’t know how I am going to manage! Maaaaan…the dough factory even has flavored toppings! I can’t…Even though I really want to. Maybe I should just quit with the mall altogether since my other goal is trying to save money! That’s a win/win…right?

Sprinkle out some cinnamon sugar for my flea market donuts. *deeeeep sigh*

Chipotle Barbacoa Salad

Now if you have been following me for a while on Twitter, you know that my obsession with Chipotle is like none other. I love that place. At one point, I was going 2-3 times a week. Sometimes TWICE a day. I was real big on the burritos when I started eating there, but now…I’m big on their salads. The barbacoa (shredded braised beef) salad to be exact.

Now I know what you are thinking…”Britton, salads are healthy!” I know they are, but with extra dressing, extra sour cream, extra cheese, AND sometimes a tortilla on the side…my Barbacoa salads are NOT healthy! SMH! Sometimes we think that eating salads are good choices, but when we pile them with toppings, it can be as unhealthy as a cheeseburger!

Now, I may not eliminate my love for Chipotle completely…I just gotta compromise. Maybe, I will substitute the beef for chicken and maintain the SERVING sizes of dressing, sour cream, and cheese. Yeah…right. Chipotle just won’t be the same…so I’m going to let it go. For now. My last salad was this past Saturday…the same day I had that Frosty. LOL.

Please pour out some Chipotle signature dressing in honor of my damn Barbacoa Salad!

Starbucks Venti Salted Caramel White Mocha

Y’all do know that a Salted Caramel WHITE Mocha isn’t even on the Starbucks menu right?!?

See…what had happened was: I went to Starbucks one evening which is conveniently adjacent to Chipotle ;-) and I was debating trying a new drink. I was used to getting a White Chocolate Mocha, and I was explaining to the barista that I wanted to try the Salted Caramel Mocha. Well she said…”you oughta try it with White Mocha! It’s really good!”…and I said…”Suuuuure…whip it up barista lady! And be sure to add some extra whip cream on there too!” *Hangs head in shame* So…umm…yeah. In the month of December, I was drinking a venti Salted Caramel White Mocha almost EVERY morning coming in to work.

I don’t even have to get into why these things have to go! A venti size is 510 CALORIES! BYE Salted Caramel White Mocha with extra whipped cream and three packs of sugar on top…I’m gonna miss you. My last cup was on New Year’s Day.

Gone and drizzle some of that Wendy’s frosty caramel out for the morning joe as well.

and LAST, BUT NOT LEAST on my 2012 Fat Girl Bucket List…


I don’t care how unsanitary it looks. I love me some damn Waffle House. The waffles, the patty melts, the omelette, my cheeseburger with a fried egg, the rib eye steak (cooked medium) and eggs. I have a Waffle House not even 5 minutes away from me so if I want something quick…it’s always my go to place. Not to mention I can feed both my daughters on ONE All Star Special and for LESS than $6!

As much as I love it though, there is nothing nutritional coming off that grill of grease. So…no more Waffle House! :-( My last trip to Waffle House was on December 28th. In MY defense though, Kayden wanted to go there…LOL.

*sigh*…and that’s it!

Looking back at my bucket list and considering the fact I didn’t go to the gym but once in the past week, it’s a miracle I didn’t gain ANY weight. And even though I did my happy fat girl dance several times in the past week, I am looking forward to doing my “I reached my goal weight” dance in June and December.

If you are beginning a weight loss journey for 2013, did you have any foods that you HAD to have before you began? Did you have a “fat girl bucket list”?  Sound off in the comments!

Ok, Bye!

  • Janae Holmes

    Great Post…Now I want one of the Wendy’s Carmel Apple Frosty Parfait. I don’t even recall those here in Los Angeles. I’ve place a few of these ites on my must try list. Maybe it will be my reward when I reach my mini weight loss goals…

    • Britton

      Yes! Make it your reward Janae! We are going to do this! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Dominique Alexander

    LOL…girl, you must be in North Carolina, cause it’s this flea market in Pineville, NC with the best donuts on the planet. I really wanted a good steak…and I had one last week, now it’s time to start making better and healthier choices again.

    • Britton

      Hahahaha! Close! I’m in South Carolina. Now see…now you have me wanting a Ribeye all over again! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Vivi N

    First of all, the name ‘Fat Girl Bucket List’ is hilar! Thanks Rochelle for that one.

    Anywho, on my list would be: 1) Cheese 2) Chipotle Chicken Fajita Bowl w/ extra cheese, lettuce and EXTRA sour cream (had one yesterday…I vowed that’ll be my last for a pretty long time…help me Lawd!) 3) Chick-fil-A Cookies-n-Cream milkshake 4) Thai food 5) Italian food 6) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    • Britton

      YES! Rochelle is a mess! I used to be in LOVE with the cookies -n- cream shakes, UNTIL….the BANANA PUDDING ONE! Thank GOD those things are only seasonal because they are like crack! The Peach one comes in a close second!

  • CarliAlice

    Do NOT get me started on Chipotle. It should be illegal to make food that good at a fast food place. I looked up the calories on the salad one time and it is obscene. So I don’t look anymore. I eat mine with chicken, no sour cream, and I may or may not have cheese.

    I haven’t eaten anything else on your list. I’d like to say it’s because I’m super healthy but it’s really because I’m super cheap.

    Do you have Twitter? I’ll be your Twitter chearleader :-)

    You’ve got this covered!

    • Britton

      YES! I swear I don’t know what I am going to do! If I do go there, I am definitely going to have to compromise with healthier options. I’m @MyBBLife on Twitter!

  • Val

    I wrote Chipotle off a LONG time ago!! All those calories – whew chile! LOL!

    • Britton

      YES! I love some Chipotle, but it’s definitely not good for me…especially the “way” I eat it.

  • The Dose of Reality

    O…M…G. Does it make me stupid to say I had NO IDEA that Starbucks drinks had that many calories? I just looked up my favorite drink (which I always order with no fat milk and no whip) and it is 310 calories. THREE HUNDRED TEN! It’s a liquid for goodness sake. I never even thought to look in to it because it’s just coffe !! *sob* (the sob is because now that I know I have to act on that knowledge and Starbucks is my happy place…but now I see it’s not.) No wonder I can’t lose any weight!!

    Okay….wow….BACK TO YOU!!!

    You are too funny. This post made me laugh hysterically. A two Wendy’s drink must really be something!!! :) I will have my fingers crossed that they hang around so that you can indulge when the time is right!!

    Good luck on your weight loss journey!!! I need to start doing this, but I’m not sure I’m mentally ready…but I’m getting there!!! —Lisa

    • Britton

      Exaaactly! I didn’t even realize how many calories was in my drink until I looked it up while writing this post! CRAAAAAZY! That was just a waste! I could take in LESS calories with a balanced breakfast and not be STARVING by lunch like I used to be when I had just the coffee for breakfast. Thanks for the well wishes!

  • The Dose of Reality

    Oh, Britton!!! Sorry for the double post, but I just saw on your tab that you made us your Blog of the Month! WOW!! I’m blown away! You are just the sweetest!! Ashley and I could not be happier that 2012 brought you and your fantastic blog into our lives!! We love you!!! Thanks you so much!! :) –Lisa

    • Britton

      Whooop! I so love your blog! Really, I do! :-)

  • Phenomenal Mama

    So you just gone share all that good stuff AFTER we’ve all promised to lose weight?! LOL! That caramel apple parfait looks DANGEROUS and oh so good!! Well, ma’am I wish you the BEST of luck on your weight loss journey and I’ll definitely be checking in to see how it’s going and to cheer you on!!

    • Britton

      That’s why I had to get it IN before I started! It is VERY good…and thanks for the well wishes!

  • Nellie

    I am not even a donut girl but I can actually dive into those donuts and go to town! LOL With in this together!! (as I sip my protein shake wishing it was a frosty lol)

    • Britton

      They are soooo good! We got this! ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ticka

    Don’t, I repeat, don’t give up on all of the things that you love. It’s a set up!! Self control is a food loving girls best friend. You have a craving, eat a little, forgive yourself and exercise. We bout to do this in the next few months, so get ready!! #BLMGirls Unite!! We can’t have anyone falling off the wagon all because of a nagging craving that didn’t get satisfied. =D

    • Britton

      Siiiiiigh! I have to give them up! I am the type that once I start…it becomes an obsession! So I rather just stop with them for the time being! Or at least…find some healthier alternatives.

      • Typical House Cat

        I am the same way, there are something that I have to let go of completely because if I start, I just can’t stop.

  • Single Mom in the South

    I have a slight obsession with Chick Fil A Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes…. *sigh*

    • Britton

      I LOVE the banana pudding ones! Oh GOD! They are to die for!

  • Andrea B

    Found you on sitssharefest today (the site) and had to come and read this. I’m in agreement that giving stuff up forever is a set-up, but I also get why you have to do it. Can we be friends? I started tracking my food on Jan 1 and am working out again, too. This IS my year. Last year almost was but I fell off track. We can do it!!

    • Britton

      I fell off track last year too, I let the plateau got the best of me! We can definitely link up! I will be talking about my journey every Monday here on the blog via my YouTube channel. You can also follow me on Twitter at @MyBBLife. Good luck to you!

  • MommiFried

    Good luck on your getting healthy journey! I’ve been there – still am a bit since giving birth to my daughter a year ago. I have to give in to my whoopie pie cravings. If I didn’t I would say screw everything and just eat until I grew another butt cheek. I find that allowing myself that one indulgence, I do better with sticking to a healthier eating plan and maintaining the weight I have lost. A little bit of sanity, I guess. :)

    • Britton

      I am the type that can go really good for a while, then when I give in to that “craving”, it’s downhill after that! I have to have it everyday (for a while) after that!

  • Style4Curves

    Hilarious post!!!! I’m back on my fitness journey as well. I didn’t have a fat girl bucket list tho but if I did pizza and rally’s chili cheese fries would definitely make the cut kmsllllll

    • Britton

      I know that’s right! We USED to have a Rally’s in our area, but now…we don’t! I used to LOVE their curly fries!

  • Typical House Cat

    OMG I love your sense of humor, a fat girl bucket list is brilliant.

    I’ve gotten rid of a LOT of foods over the years, first I went vegan and now I’m gluten free. I love it and I feel a ton better. In fact, this is the first time I’ve been really sick in 5 years and I’m pretty sure it’s because I cheated and had a piece of bread on Christmas. Never again!

    It’s hard to change your diet but once you start to feel better you won’t miss the foods you cut out or adjusted.

    • Britton

      Thanks! I can’t claim the name completely because I adopted it from another blogger, but the overall idea of the phrase…I LOVE…and YES! I understand completely!

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  • Nicole

    Oh. My. I am dying with the Fat Girl Bucket List. I have one of those every time I decide to do things right again. *sigh* So in reality, those first few pounds I ‘lose’ are just those last time indulgences coming off. Sad, isn’t it?
    I’m a bit south of you, and we have Waffle Houses everywhere, it’s obscene. There’s several places where they are even, literally, right across the street from each other. Just staring each other down. It’s ridiculous. But it’s so good…. So bad, but so freaking good…. Cheesesteak omelets with tabasco sauce, my gosh….
    And Chipotle. The only thing saving me from Chipotle is that we don’t have one here! But you had damn well better believe that anytime I am any place that has one, I AM THERE.

    • Britton

      Oh yes! These cheese steak omelettes are super good too! I used to get mine made with egg whites to make me “feel” like I wasn’t doing as bad! LOL!

  • Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    Oh, I so relate to a lot of the feelings about favourite foods – and then continuing to think about them after the fact. Most of mine are related to chocolate and potato chips. I wish you the best of luck on your journey! I hope that you will be doing that happy ‘reached your goal’ dance come June. :)

    • Britton

      Thank you so much! I sure hope to be doing that happy dance! I am a chocolate lover too! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Amy

    I know I’m late but this post had me LOL’ing!!!!!

    When I tell you I went IN the week before the new year!!!! Now I know what to call it. I ate every thing but the kitchen sink, and if a peice of cake would have fell in that sink, I would have ate that too!

    The great thing is that we are back on the horse again and on the right path. Thanks for the post!

  • EbonyCPrincess

    LOL, this was such a funny post but hit me square in the heart. I echo in 2013 this damn weight has gots to go!