Motivational Monday: BLM Get Fit Challenge!

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It’s the first Motivational Monday of the year!

For the “Motivational Monday” regulars, I hope that this new year has brought you a new boost of “get right” and you are moving full speed ahead with achieving your 2013 healthy living goals. If you are new here, or just starting on the journey to better health…WELCOME! You are at the right place, because Mondays here on MyBBLife, it’s all about HEALTHY LIVING! To get up to speed on what “Motivational Monday” is all about, check out some past posts and catch up.

As most of you may remember from my last video, my Motivational Monday updates will now be done on the MyBBLife Youtube channel! I’m so excited about today, because not only is it the first “Motivational Monday” video, it’s the offical LAUNCH day of #BLMGetFit, a fitness challenge that I am HOSTING with the lovely ladies of BLM! I touch on it a little bit in the video, but for the full sha-bang…read all about it here.

Let’s hop right into it!

Ok BLMGirls, if you missed it on the video, this week’s Instagram challenge is …..


This week’s winner will be determined by the BLM Girl that consumes the most amount of water this week! Use your creativity,find a way to incorporate all the ounces of water you have consumed for the week, snap a pic and UPLOAD!

Remember that all entries must have the #BLMGetFit AND this week’s #WATERWASTED hashtag. Please submit your photos on Instagram by midnight January 13, 2013 to be considered!

The winner will be announced Monday!

Stay Motivated!

  • Style4Curves

    sounds cool!

    • Britton

      It is going to be great! I’m sooo excited! :-)

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    Love your video. Like super duper love!

    • Britton

      Thanks Dee Dee! I was so annoyed by the time this process was over. I could not get it together to save my life! LOL!

  • Nicole Gordon-Phillips

    Happy Motivational Monday!!!! It’s almost 12 and I feel like i’ve accomplished so much today. Working out in the morning is best for me. It’s always good when you can work as a team to help hold each other accountable. Have a great week and I’m about to see if I subbed you already on YT. Love your video :) ~Nicole @

    • Britton

      I wish I could work out in the mornings, because the after work crew at my gym is OUT. OF. CONTROL. At my favorite Spin class we have to get there 30 minutes early JUST to reserve a bike for class. It is awful!

  • MarieYoung

    I’m so ready! Just got back from the gym myself :)

    • Britton

      Whoooop! Good luck! :-) Thanks for linking up!

  • Tyesha

    I’m so ready and excited about this challenge..definitely a great idea and the perfect way to start off the new year.

    • Britton

      Yaaaay! Thanks so much for joining! :-) Good luck!

  • Regal Realness

    I’m motivated! Thanks…so excited to do this challenge.
    Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean it is something you want to do but at the same time not because you have a big do I. Let’s make it happen!!! #BLM Girls

    • Britton

      YES! We have to! I let my plateau get the best of me last year…NOT THIS YEAR! This weight is coming off!

  • The Dose of Reality

    Love the video intro!! So cute!
    I just liked BLM on FB and sent a message to join!
    I love, love, love Motivational Monday!
    What a fantastic way to start the new year!!

    • Britton

      Thanks! BLM is wonderful! I love those ladies so!

  • Roxy

    You just keep getting better & better…I love the video!!

    • Britton

      Thanks so much Roxy!

  • Hope Reid

    Love the whole concept. God bless you on your journey. It seems like there is enough Monday Motivation here to last the entire week. Excited to follow…

    • Britton

      Thank you so much!

  • Ticka

    We are about to rock this weightloss!! I can’t wait to see us all in 3 months!!

    • Britton

      Me either! We are doing big things! Thanks so much for all of your help Ticka! ;-)

  • TheBusyMomsDiet

    Thanks for the inspiration and thank you for sharing the love on my SITS Day <3

    • Britton

      Of course! Thanks so much for linking up!

  • Kiwi™

    This is awesome! I’m getting #waterwasted too! I love your vid! Go Blmgirls!!!!

    • Britton

      Thanks sooo much! Drink that water! ;-)

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  • Jennifer DeMoss

    As a weight loss surgery patient, water is one of the most important things! Great challenge! Thanks for the love today :-)

    • Britton

      No problem! Thanks for linking up! I can’t wait to see everyone’s success! :-)

  • Typical House Cat

    Girl, I love this. I am so terrified of video but you make talking in front of a camera look easy. Also, I love your bun!!! I have as much hair as a barbie doll so you can imagine what my bun looks like, more like a pin, haha. And don’t be afraid to share, we love you!

    I’m going to look up BLM right now, looks like a lot of fun. Next week I will have to try and do an actual fitness post :)

    • Britton

      Oh my GOD! This video took forever to do! It’s my second one. Hopefully with time I will get better, but thanks so much! BLM is a wonderful group! I’ll be checking you out next week! :-)

  • Sherelle

    This is a great challenge for those of us, who need that ‘push’ to stay on track. Congrats on hosting with BLM. I saw the tweet for it today!

    • Britton

      Thank you! I’m so excited to get started, and I am so glad the participants are excited as well!

  • EbonyCPrincess

    I LOVEEEEEED hearing your voice and seeing you in 3D! Your photos really don’t do you any justice at all, you are so pretty!

    • Britton

      Awwww! Thanks so much Ebony! *blushes*

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